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This song is originally done with a pack of gypsies seducing away a woman of noble birth. I realized while playing around with my tin whistle that it'd do just as well in a faerie-heavy setting.

The raggle-taggle faerie

There were three young fae coming down the road, up to the hall of my lady-o
One sang high and the other sang low, and the other sang of bonny bon arcadi-o

Then she pulled off her silk-lined gown, and put on a hose of leather-o
The rags she left by my front door, she left to dance with the faerie-o

It was late last night when my lord came home, enquiring for his lady-o
The servants said on every hand, "She is gone to play with the faerie-o"

"O saddle for me my milk-white steed and fetch me now my rifle-o
That I may go and seek my bride who is gone out to play with the faerie-o"

O he rode high and he rode low, he rode through marsh and forest-o
Until he came to a wide stone ring, and there he spied his lady-o.

"O what made you leave your house and land, what made you leave your money-o
What made you leave your new-wedded lord to be off to play with the faerie-o?"

"What care have I for my house and land, and what care I for money-o?
What care I for my new-wedded lord - when I can play with the faerie-o?"

"Last night you slept on a goose-feathered bed, with the sheets turned down so bravely-o,
Tonight you'll sleep in a cold open field, along with the raggle-taggle-faerie-o."

"What care I for a goosefeathered bed, with all the sheets turned down bravely-o,
I rather sleep in a cold open field along with my raggle-taggle-faerie-o."

Some approximation of the tune may possibly be extracted from this mp3 of me playing the tune on a tinwhistle through a lousy headset mic.
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Background for international readers: the dance song "Boten Anna" has been making the rounds on the Swedish music radio and tv for quite a while. It's about an IRC addict who discovers that his chanbot isn't a bot, but rather actually a quite pretty girl who hooks up with him.

Botlåten - swedish filk at its best )

(Edited: since I apparently cannot remember the names of swedish artists)
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I have finished
CS Lewis: The Magician's Nephew
and am about to finish
CS Lewis: The last battle

And I have found computer-science filk! Go read! Go sing! Go forth and multiply!
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Because when I read the cut-tag on this entry, this is what I heard in my head:

Walking to Mordor )
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My dice are being held where? )

And she even has a plush fox! )


Nov. 11th, 2005 04:09 pm
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Ya'know what? It's time for another filk! )

Hrm. That read a lot more like a commercial than I had intended...
On the other hand, so does the Paul Simon song in the first place too... :)


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