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michiexile ([personal profile] michiexile) wrote2014-01-29 10:02 pm

Toogoo disposable razor review

I promised a number of friends a review after I tested this one. Similar to shavettes and such razors, this is a single blade, cutthroat style razor, with the edge from a normal razor blade snapped in half and locked in a holding arm.

It gives you the shaving style of a cutthroat razor, and some of the same benefits, while still being dead easy to keep sharp (just change blades) and sterile (just change blades).

I have now shaved exactly once using this razor. It's trickier to use than my safety razor, and requires a whole lot more time investment. But the shave ends up being very close and clean. It's more meditative to use, and an interesting experience in its own right.

I cut myself exactly twice. This may well be a decently low count for a first time with a cutthroat razor. One cut was from trying to figure out how to load the blade in the razor to begin with. The other cut was from trying to shave left-handed. Once I swapped back to the right hand for the left side too, I avoided more cuts.

I'm looking forward to increasing my skill using this razor.

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