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End of year review

Well, 2012 apparently is the year I drifted off of LJ. The ENTIRE year has 7 posts. First paragraph of each month that even has contents was:

This week I'm in Ft. Collins, CO, visiting collaborators and doing research.

Ft. Collins was a really nice little town — I'm likely returning there this late summer for a conference. If my travel plans work out.

So Zion Train came to town for the Wee Dub Festival. So I went. And we stood there, packed as matches in a matchbox, on the pogo floor when they lay down the thick and heavy beat, driving, bouncing, making us all temporarily believers in Jah.

My Zion Train concert experience was amazing. The behaviour of my fellow dub listeners, though, was bad enough that I posted a rant about glass bottles on packed dance floors in cavernous medieval cellars.

Oh hai North Carolina; you are a lot warmer than last time I was here.

Ah, conferencing. My Chapel Hill visit was a lot of fun.

I might be too proud of this exchange:

The exchange that followed was a horrendous pun on species and genus. :-)

One of the very most frustrating aspects of the Assange debacle is the regular waves of disinformation aimed at the Swedish state, judicial system and jurisprudence. As one point to refer to, I'll put up links to sources and quotes from same sources here to debunk some of the myths being perpetrated about what is and is not part of Swedish law or legal procedure.

I produced chapter and verse on the relevant parts of Swedish jurisprudence for the Assange case. Ye gods, but internet discussion of that case drives me bonkers.


The great kitchen meme.

The rhyming of gifts is a difficult matter,
Trickiest of all the holiday games;
You may think at first I'm as mad as a hatter
When I tell you a gift must have THREE different rhymes.

After having been utterly devoid of creativity during our gift wrapping, the rhyming spirit hit as we were wrapping up again. This was the result.

How was your year?