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Impressions of Colorado

This week I'm in Ft. Collins, CO, visiting collaborators and doing research.

At first, I was fighting a feeling of Ft. Collins being a quintessential Small Town; but with the days I've spent here the town has grown on me.

The beer As much as San Francisco obsesses over its micro-breweries, some of the breweries I drank the most of are actually situated right here. And it shows! EVERY place in this town serves New Belgium and O'Dell.

The hot sauce There are local hot sauce producers as well. I ended up buying 4 bottles to take home with me — the chipotle smokey hot sauces are amazingly good.

The delightfully weird The lunch place we went to today offers free chair massages every day 1pm-4pm. I didn't take them up on it, but probably should have. On my way to dinner, I stopped at a window to a “Scientific Toy Store” that looked interesting. Before I was able to take off again, I had had 8 toys demonstrated to me, and the proprietor had invited me to come have dinner with him and his wife sometime.

The pizza So, apparently, Colorado style Pizza is a thing. It's a thin-crust pizza with rolled up edges and about 3x the usual amount of fillings. Once you're done with the middle, you pour honey on the edge for dessert.

The views Right on the edge of the Rockies. When I got picked up from the airport, we drove north along the mountain range edge as the sun set, the moon rose and glorious colours sparkled across the sky as the huge full moon edged up from the horizon. It is beautiful out here.

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you pour honey on the edge??

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I am fascinated by these things about ft collins. we have an office there and i shall have to ask.