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My dice are being held where? )

And she even has a plush fox! )
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Q: What will you be asked upon entry to the Forge's IRC channel?

A: G/N/S?
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In other words, I have organized a LARP. My character, Mårten Bagare, now is happily married to Hilja Frost of the bathery. We threw a heck of a party too.

Thanks go out to everyone who helped us - regardless of whether they actually read this or not.

And yes, we're both engaged OOC. No, not to one another.
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So why not kickstart a new large project? Just the thing to get my adrenaline flowing again!

This time: Sometime during the coming year, I want to make sure a certain mini-LARP takes place. During this LARP, which will invite mainly the Korp portion of the people participating in Kejsartemplet, the marriage and subsequent party of Mårten Bagare and Hilja Frost will be played through. I envision this as basically Yet Another GOOD Party With Good Food, with the added benefit that a lot of very nice people will happen to be in rôles while the party happens, and a bit of the wonderful feelings from Kejsartemplet can return.

Now, I know this is only halfway through my 1-month abstaining period - but ... I don't have to do anything just yet. I had the idea. I've documented it. I can decide to do this early september! So there!
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Today on the commuter train I had nothing better to do, so I really listened to the text of one of the Garmarna-songs that resides on my mp3player.

Grisly folklore bordering on an AD&D-group gone BAAAAAAD )


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