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You know, the alien invasion isn't waiting to come. It isn't a threat on the horizon. It is here, now, among us.

Among the alien parasitic lifeforms most prevalent, we find the camera. Feeding, as it is, on human emotions, the cameras when used to photograph, not only suck in a portion of the souls of everyone featured on the picture, but above all, it drains a little bit each time of the emotions.

Have you ever wondered why cameras are pulled to newlyweds? To new parents? To funerals? To birthdays? Intensive displays of emotions all around - they're bound to flock!

Have you ever wondered why all we see on the news cameras are disasters and death? Again with the residual emotions.

Have you ever wondered why all photo models, superstar actors and basically anyone appearing in the tabloids seem to be so completely emotionally unstable? This week happily in love, next week arguing in public and the week after that sulkily single? All the cameras they expose themselves to drain the current emotion in no-time - so once a week has passed, they are already accumulating the next emotion to fill the void the camera produced.

But luckily, there is a cure. Nowadays, I always carry with me a Lens-Defeating Spike of Dooooooooom (+5 against cameras, +7 against camphones!) so that I can put out any parasites seeking to prey on MY emotions.

Put out a camera today!
Edit: Added the pic
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Today on the commuter train I had nothing better to do, so I really listened to the text of one of the Garmarna-songs that resides on my mp3player.

Grisly folklore bordering on an AD&D-group gone BAAAAAAD )


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