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In other words, I have organized a LARP. My character, Mårten Bagare, now is happily married to Hilja Frost of the bathery. We threw a heck of a party too.

Thanks go out to everyone who helped us - regardless of whether they actually read this or not.

And yes, we're both engaged OOC. No, not to one another.
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So why not kickstart a new large project? Just the thing to get my adrenaline flowing again!

This time: Sometime during the coming year, I want to make sure a certain mini-LARP takes place. During this LARP, which will invite mainly the Korp portion of the people participating in Kejsartemplet, the marriage and subsequent party of Mårten Bagare and Hilja Frost will be played through. I envision this as basically Yet Another GOOD Party With Good Food, with the added benefit that a lot of very nice people will happen to be in rôles while the party happens, and a bit of the wonderful feelings from Kejsartemplet can return.

Now, I know this is only halfway through my 1-month abstaining period - but ... I don't have to do anything just yet. I had the idea. I've documented it. I can decide to do this early september! So there!
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I started reading the Dogma99 Manifesto after stumbling across a few Europe-wide LARPing initiatives. I must say that a lot of the Dogma appeals to me, or formalizes notions I view as basically selfevident, but note with irritation that others do not.
LARP theory and discussion )
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I now received the final nail in Dragonbane's coffin for my part. I actually got a rather detailed vision from one of the core arrangers of bakery and kitchen in Cidnerhill. Alas, the vision kills every single interest I had in participating myself in the LARP.

Their idea is that since hygiene, allergies, workload, throughput, storage et.c. are so difficult to get to work under medieval circumstances, they will instead put a modern industrial kitchen with bake ovens and dough-kneading machines hidden in the middle of the city - and have everyone who works with food preparations go completely off to actually do their work. The idea has merits, I give them that. If you've given up on doing it in a manner that lets the actual work be an in-game action, then ALL luxuries possible to facilitate and minimize the workload are desirable.

I, however, would much rather work my 14h days, watching the LARP awaken slowly during the morning oven-heating and dough-kneading, and keep on LARPing during the ongoing production of bread than drop off-game to do the thing I'm there to do. It is MUCH more important to adapt the work area to be a LARP area - preferably even a hub in the social net of the LARP so that the workers really do get GOOD in-time during their work - than getting the work over and done with quickly and with a tremendous context switch from the actual LARP.
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At the pizzeria in Nora, on the last day of the Kejsartemplet preparations, [livejournal.com profile] thette told me to cool off on my raw and massive flirtation. I wasn't aware in the slightest that I was doing anything, but she was firm that I was flirting. Or at least displaying the full level of my personal charm.

After the LARP, I asked our neighbour, the smith, with whom I had spent a lot of time during the play to characterise my character. "A sweet tooth, a womanizer and a damn good baker" was his answer. This was, again, a little surprising to me as I had tried to play a character too preoccupied with his work to care about women to any major extent, and who would be growing increasingly annoyed at his family's incessant work to get him to marry someone.

Thus, apparently, I flirt without thinking about it, and I seem to flirt noticably much even when I try semiconsciously not to. I am certain this says something about who I am - I only wish it'd be clear to me what it does say...
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The pan-european huge LARP project Dragonbane will have a village bakery. I just emailed their info-adress to find out details. If they build the oven in addition to all other things they've promised, and if the bakery group can be made large enough to facilitate a decent work load, then it might just be worth €125 to participate in that LARP...

And besides. I -am- a master baker by now.
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Now the reactions start trickling in on the LARP fora on our performance in the bakery. And it warms the heart to read!

"You made the city feel real"
"You were realistic"
"The bread! Oh the bread!"
"You made me feel like a part of a family"
"You were always so nice and caring"

After our 14h workdays, it makes me almost deliriously happy that we delivered as much back to the LARP as we received from it. But the next time, we need either a 4x larger bakery, or a 4x smaller LARP. At least.
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I still find myself surprised at the golden ring on my finger every now and then.
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Jag sitter så ensam på ett delat kontor
Högt över marken, dubbelt så högt som
Det högsta huset i Fästet om blott ni mig tror.

Mina tankar irrar, och jag tänker blott om
Jag vore i Fästet jag skulle stå vid mitt bröd
Men jag ska skriva kod, om blott min färdighet återkom.

Forum jag läser, och lajvets minnen min kind blir röd
När mitt hjärta hoppar för min karaktärs romans,
Jag hoppas denna förälskelse innan jag återvänder är död

Ty karaktären är ju ej jag, och kärleken ej min utan hans
Och jag borde över husens höjd ej bli så berörd
Trots detta kan Måns Klang ur hörlurarna mig sätta uti trance

Bara jag hör en av de sånger jag uti Suggan med glädje hört
Och läser om hur de träffas och dansar och roar sig
Allt medan jag känner hur långt borta allt är som mig rört

Tillbaka till fler lajv definitivt jag kommer att ta mig
Men i väntan därpå jag tydligen kryptografiskt tänka skall
Om någon vet hur jag ska klara att byta min kontext, så säg

För mig är det en gåta, jag skriver inte en rad kod alls
Och den matematik jag snubblar över verkar mig så svår
Ty att nu tänka samlat verkar inte min skalle stå pall

Men vi klarade av allt till sist, efter en lång och slitig vår
Trots att de som varit med förr knappt trott att det skulle gå
Och brödet blev bakat, danserna dansade, och ugnen än står

Eller, stod, sist jag såg den, men kvädet mitt torde sluta så
Jag har nog uttryckt något litet av saknaden som mig omfamna
Och jag önskar dig som läsa: "Gudars Lycka med dig på din färd må gå"
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Within about a quarter of an hour, I'm going out my front door, loading my stuff on the car outside and going to Kilsbergen outside Örebro.

Once there, I will take up the persona of Mårten Liljeson Bagare av Korp, a master baker in a town in the faraway land of Vilemark.

See y'all in a week and a half.


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