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Come lie next to me

I'm going to go see Apoptygma Berzerk LIVE!


In Nürnberg!

And I probably will be zonked out of my mind going to Prague some 12h later... Oh well. I can sleep on the train. Wonder when I'll find the time to pack...

The ppl in Stockholm expect me to do miracles.
"Get a license for the ARM compiler. Before you leave tomorrow."
"Debug your goddamn memory leak. YESTERDAY! No, we don't care that you normally don't even have the right build environment installed, we neeeeeeed it!"
And the bastard middle level manager who thinks that calling the developer is a good way to get work done without having to think about icky stuff like contracts and cost carriers... And who also vehemently opposes the idea that we put up a solid contract between the firms so that work will be easily transferred.
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A few weeks ago, I looked into the Graduiertenkolleg Homotopy and Cohomology in the Ruhr valley, but dismissed it since the deadline for applications was January 15, and I was two weeks late as I read it.

Last thursday, I emailed a professor in Osnabrück asking him about the possibility to do a PhD with him. He answered enthusiastically and advised me to get in touch with the topologists in Bochum - and if they couldn't arrange anything, he'd see what he could do. So Monday I mailed the chief topologist in Bochum; who replied late that evening and told me about the program above; and with a wording that put the responsibility to decide not to apply at this round with me. Basically, he said that they were picking candidates on thursday and that if I felt that the time was too short, I could always apply again in the autumn. I tried to get an email worded right, gave up as I found out that I was supposed to spend the day at a fair/congress of embedded systems, listening to lectures all day, and called him on my way to the subway. He told me to email the chair of the program, and tell him that he sent me.

So I spent my first coffee break desperately looking for a computer to email him. Lunch checking if any mails had come. Second coffee break too. As I went back to the computers after all lectures were done, I had an answer!

They'll make an exception for me. Could I please be at the department in Bonn between 17.30 and 18.30 on Thursday for a 30 minutes long interview and a 30 minutes long lecture about my master's thesis? Please?

So now I gotta understand my thesis again. I guess tomorrow's all planned out.
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I currently work as a temp with focus software design of security applications on small devices. Apparently this includes unhinging a locked box in a secure locker, and by pulling at it until it (hanging on the lock) reaches far enough out gaining room enough to insert most of my arm and piece by piece retrieving everything within the box. And I get paid for doing this! :)


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