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So - at the start of the InADWriMo 2007, I should at least give an indication of the starting size of my thesis, in order to make the "one page a day" pledge easily trackable.

In order to avoid counting the blank pages inserted for page parity to work out as it should (for two-sided printing), I will in November compile my thesis one-sided. Thus, my start off point is:

22 pages
4852 words (according to wc -w *tex - which takes into account everything that's space delimited in the source code - thus including a lot of technical command codes for LaTeX)

Thus, my pledge boils down to having 52 pages by December 1st. (yikes!)
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I just decided to join the INternational Dissertation WRIting MOnth as headed up by Dr. Brazen Hussy. I'm writing on my own dissertation right now, and need to get into writing rigour, and this seems like a good way to do it.

Now, a mathematics dissertation is by its essence different from many others, so I have decided not to pledge wordcounts. Instead, I shall take a page count on November 1st, and publish here, and then each day try to produce one more page of mathematicy content. This is probably a wildly foolish estimate which is certain to break down completely, but at least I have a star to shoot for.

Currently, the dissertation is on 21 pages. The empty skeleton dissertation counted 17 pages.

And of course, true to my own tendencies, I just spent about an hour trying to produce a pretty xypic diagram of the first few associahedra labeled with the appropriate planar trees.


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