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mik@mpc723:~/tex/thesis$ pdflatex thesis
This is pdfTeXk, Version 3.141592-1.40.3 (Web2C 7.5.6)
 %&-line parsing enabled.
entering extended mode
Output written on thesis.pdf (57 pages, 475277 bytes).
Transcript written on thesis.log.
mik@mpc723:~/tex/thesis$ wc -w *tex
   752 _region_.tex
   798 th00intro.tex
  7911 th01Aoo.tex
  4622 th02SUDiag.tex
  1084 th03localAoo.tex
   214 th04impl.tex
  1008 thesis.tex
 16389 total

My goal was 57 pages, which is an increase from November 1st by 35, out of which 5 are source code pages. Today is November 30, and I have 57 pages.

Switching to editing was a good idea.
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I'm done.

This is, however, contingent on my changing my mind on source code pages. They now count towards my page count. And thus, with 53 written pages against the 22 when I started, I have 31 pages written, which is at least one page per day in November.

So why this flip-flop, you might ask. I have had a conversation for a bit over a week now with The Influential People In My Field - who, to a large part, are also my thesis examiners. This conversation started with me sending out a lemma and asking for opinions, and now boiled out to them asking for precise context for the lemma before they can even try to think about it sensibly. Undertones seem to indicate that my way of viewing the subject matter is alien enough for them to be an actual obstacle in the discussion.

Hence, it is in everyones interest that they get to read my thesis draft. In order to learn about my point of view from it. Thus, my thesis draft should, preferably, actually be good at the task of teaching them about what I do.

So I got a direct order from my thesis supervisor to start polishing, now. And thus, I reevaluate the value of ignoring source code, and conclude that I finished InaDWriMo.
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This week, I got back onto the writing horse, as it were, and caught up with the mounds of non-completed writing from last week. Hence, I clock out at 51 pages, which with my moved goal post puts me at the required state of November 25.

On track, in other words.

The weekend will be writing free - I'm thoroughly enjoying a most expenses paid long weekend in Warsaw with my wife, which today offered reflexological foot massage and various shopping malls - but next week, I already have a few concrete planned bits and pieces to write.

Slowly, now, my thesis starts actually looking more and more like a thesis. It still is in horrible need of editing, but at least it reads from start to end and tells the reader things now.
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Either this week went surprisingly well, or I set my goals way too low. I'm closing in on the point where I have more topics covered than not - and I'm well past 50% of the pages. For the remaining text, there are a few bits where I still need the proper references around; one paper I still try to understand completely, and a few bits to fill in from one of my papers.

Once all that's done comes the big job of taking the mass of text and massage it into something that's actually both consistently written and a pleasure to read, instead of the massive text chunks it currently is.

But I should probably be quite pleased with my progress.
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I thought I'd do summary at or just past each weekend, in addition to my sidebar counter.

So, the first week (November 1-4) saw a really nice fast start - with a page increase from 22 pages (4852 words) to 27 pages. Then, however, I figured out how to include bibliographies and indices into the ToC in a LaTeX document The Right Way - which dropped two blank pages out of the document.

Some more writing later saw me back up to 27 pages and 7476 words. Then my wife came to visit and writing ground to a complete halt.


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