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In other words, I have organized a LARP. My character, MÃ¥rten Bagare, now is happily married to Hilja Frost of the bathery. We threw a heck of a party too.

Thanks go out to everyone who helped us - regardless of whether they actually read this or not.

And yes, we're both engaged OOC. No, not to one another.
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At the pizzeria in Nora, on the last day of the Kejsartemplet preparations, [livejournal.com profile] thette told me to cool off on my raw and massive flirtation. I wasn't aware in the slightest that I was doing anything, but she was firm that I was flirting. Or at least displaying the full level of my personal charm.

After the LARP, I asked our neighbour, the smith, with whom I had spent a lot of time during the play to characterise my character. "A sweet tooth, a womanizer and a damn good baker" was his answer. This was, again, a little surprising to me as I had tried to play a character too preoccupied with his work to care about women to any major extent, and who would be growing increasingly annoyed at his family's incessant work to get him to marry someone.

Thus, apparently, I flirt without thinking about it, and I seem to flirt noticably much even when I try semiconsciously not to. I am certain this says something about who I am - I only wish it'd be clear to me what it does say...


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