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In other words, I have organized a LARP. My character, MÃ¥rten Bagare, now is happily married to Hilja Frost of the bathery. We threw a heck of a party too.

Thanks go out to everyone who helped us - regardless of whether they actually read this or not.

And yes, we're both engaged OOC. No, not to one another.
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I now received the final nail in Dragonbane's coffin for my part. I actually got a rather detailed vision from one of the core arrangers of bakery and kitchen in Cidnerhill. Alas, the vision kills every single interest I had in participating myself in the LARP.

Their idea is that since hygiene, allergies, workload, throughput, storage et.c. are so difficult to get to work under medieval circumstances, they will instead put a modern industrial kitchen with bake ovens and dough-kneading machines hidden in the middle of the city - and have everyone who works with food preparations go completely off to actually do their work. The idea has merits, I give them that. If you've given up on doing it in a manner that lets the actual work be an in-game action, then ALL luxuries possible to facilitate and minimize the workload are desirable.

I, however, would much rather work my 14h days, watching the LARP awaken slowly during the morning oven-heating and dough-kneading, and keep on LARPing during the ongoing production of bread than drop off-game to do the thing I'm there to do. It is MUCH more important to adapt the work area to be a LARP area - preferably even a hub in the social net of the LARP so that the workers really do get GOOD in-time during their work - than getting the work over and done with quickly and with a tremendous context switch from the actual LARP.


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