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In other words, I have organized a LARP. My character, Mårten Bagare, now is happily married to Hilja Frost of the bathery. We threw a heck of a party too.

Thanks go out to everyone who helped us - regardless of whether they actually read this or not.

And yes, we're both engaged OOC. No, not to one another.
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Now the reactions start trickling in on the LARP fora on our performance in the bakery. And it warms the heart to read!

"You made the city feel real"
"You were realistic"
"The bread! Oh the bread!"
"You made me feel like a part of a family"
"You were always so nice and caring"

After our 14h workdays, it makes me almost deliriously happy that we delivered as much back to the LARP as we received from it. But the next time, we need either a 4x larger bakery, or a 4x smaller LARP. At least.
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I still find myself surprised at the golden ring on my finger every now and then.
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Within about a quarter of an hour, I'm going out my front door, loading my stuff on the car outside and going to Kilsbergen outside Örebro.

Once there, I will take up the persona of Mårten Liljeson Bagare av Korp, a master baker in a town in the faraway land of Vilemark.

See y'all in a week and a half.


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