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So, now I've seen them. I wasn't as impressed as I could have been, I must admit. Parts of it was exhilirating, fantastic, all it should have been. This was about 50%. The other half consisted of weird guitar-heavy songs with very little tune that I had never heard before and wouldn't have associated with Apoptygma Berzerk as I know and love.

Nice to have seen them. I can't say that I'll try very hard to repeat it.

Oh, and Stephan Groth has the same kind of manic gleam in his stare as Alexander Bard. Weird.

p.s. looking into the band biography, it turns out that this horrid rock-direction is apparently the "Indie Rock" influences on their last album, leaving the pure electronica corner. Sad.
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Come lie next to me

I'm going to go see Apoptygma Berzerk LIVE!


In N├╝rnberg!

And I probably will be zonked out of my mind going to Prague some 12h later... Oh well. I can sleep on the train. Wonder when I'll find the time to pack...

The ppl in Stockholm expect me to do miracles.
"Get a license for the ARM compiler. Before you leave tomorrow."
"Debug your goddamn memory leak. YESTERDAY! No, we don't care that you normally don't even have the right build environment installed, we neeeeeeed it!"
And the bastard middle level manager who thinks that calling the developer is a good way to get work done without having to think about icky stuff like contracts and cost carriers... And who also vehemently opposes the idea that we put up a solid contract between the firms so that work will be easily transferred.


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